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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thoughts on Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 has many inbuilt functionality and features. One can leverage on it and take advantage of out of box SharePoint development. But business is all about having information in the right way and at a certain moment easy to catch.

Most of case Web parts serve many business needs for showing up information in the customized forms when SharePoint out of box development does not provide enough information.

At the time of Web Parts creation in SharePoint 2010, one has two choices Visual Web Parts and Standard Web Parts.

Both of these are much useful on their way and most of developers are much familiar with Standard Web Parts because it is very much similar to that of developers. Visual Web parts allows developer to just drag and drop control as they do in most of pages, you will have availability of all standard web controls, you don’t need to take care of setting underlying properties of controls. On the other hand Standard web parts allows developer to set each and every property at run time, you can have more controls on each controls. You can create as many controls as you need; you can dispose your control when you don’t need it.

There can be debate of using Standard Web Parts and Visual Web Parts, but certainly it depends on the choice of developer and business nature. Sometimes it is noted that Standard Web parts gives good performance compared to Visual Web Parts, and at the same time you need to take care of many things when you develop Standard Web Parts compared to Visual Web Parts.

It is good that now developer has choice to choose which type of web parts they want to develop, in earlier developer has to create user control and then they can add that visual element in standard web parts, but now they can directly add visual elements with use of Visual Web Parts.

To take decision of using any web parts is based on the time and resource it requires and also many other parameters need to consider for business activity.

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