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Monday, November 28, 2011

Connect office 365 SharePoint online with SharePoint client object model

When you create any SharePoint client object model application there are choices to connect with SharePoint either in LAN or SharePoint server. But now days there are much hype in office 365 provided by Microsoft, it does allow SharePoint online. You don’t need to manage your own SharePoint server if your organization is not much big and many companies are planning to move their work to office 365.

So it’s naturally necessary that your client object model should support this office 365 SharePoint online connection. Here there is a trick to connect with it, it’s not direct way to connect with SharePoint online. You need to consider many things for it like cookies and your id, password etc.

Here, it is very nicely explained how to authenticate with office 365 and make connection to SharePoint online with client object model.

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