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Monday, December 26, 2011

OOB: Change master page from SharePoint 2010

Most of time we don’t prefer to use conventional user interface provided by SharePoint when we configure it. We want our separate identity when we try to publish our site on base of SharePoint framework.

When you try to find out Changing of master page in your SharePoint, you may not get that options in your Site Settings, first you need to do is to Enable “SharePoint Server Publishing Features”.

To enable above features follow below steps..

Go to Site SettingsàSite Collection Administration à Site Collection Features à Activate SharePoint Server Publishing Features.

Now you may able to see Master pages menu in the Site setting under Look and Feel depends on the version you have installed on your machine.

Alternatively you can directly go to change master page with _layouts/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx , just add below url with your site and you will be redirected to change master page for your site.

How to get public key token for my dll or exe?

Sometime we need to find our dll or exe’s public token when we have strongly signed out. There is a very nice tool given by .net is sn.exe

Just go to command prompt of visual studio, and type following command. Here please note that you need to set your application folder path where your dll or exe assembly is stored.

Sn – T abc.dll

This will give us public token of abc.dll like below message

Public key token is c8903c1b3f99ec16

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Install SharePoint 2010 on windows 7 64 bit

Most of time in case of development It would require to install sharepoint on the non-server os, As we know sharepoint 2010 can only be installed on the 64bit operating system. Now we have one choice to create environment on the Windows 7 64bit os.

If we don’t dig more on it, we have choice to install as standalone sharepoint but instead of that we would like to have sharepoint farm configuration and we don’t wish to install SQL express by Sharepoint installation but we have our own SQL server then?

Also to enable installation on Windows 7, we require changing in configuration file and that is to add one setting for it.

Below things require to add at ..\files\Setup\Config.xml

If you don’t add above setting, setup will give you error and you won’t be go further.

Next thing for using your own SQL server installation is to create Sharepoint Configuration database and that can be done with help of Powershell command named SP-NewConfiguationDatabase

Once you use above command in the powershell you will be asked to enter required details for your server and database creation.

To use above command please note that, you are going to use your windows user in it, so you need to give full qualified name.

Like mypc\user, if you don’t give full name it will give you error.

Reference: -for Installing Sharepoint -for configuration database creation. --for possible error we could have in creating configuration database.