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Monday, November 23, 2009

How to remove blogger header navigation bar???

Hi , all its very annoying when we see the header navigation bar at the top of the Blogger's blog

you can remove that by following steps.

1) Login to your blogger account.

2) Select your blog.

3) In your dashbord go to the Layout menu.

4) Click on the Edit HTML.

5) Paste below code before you find the body tag in the CSS.

#navbar-iframe { display: none !important;}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to unInstall old Version and Install new version without Add/remove from programs..


There might be some situation when we have deployed our windows application in large area and many pcs..

At that it is very tedious to remove old version and install new one when we have changed something in the software and want to update in all system.

Windows installer project of .net gives the ability to un-install the old version and install the new version.

On the property of Windows installer project you will find property RemovePreviousVersions
set it to true.

Also you need to change version in the setup project.

Here the project version format is ##.##.####

Just do this and run the new setup without un-installing the old one and you can able to do that..