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Monday, July 30, 2012

Windows Mobile 7.5 on my view.

Before few days ago I got chance to play with Windows mobile 7.5. I heard a lot about it but unfortunately I didn’t get chance to work around. At first glance I was really impressed with it’s graphical user interface and its screen layout. Now nobody would criticize Microsoft mobile os for looking around this.
I must admit os is not just fancy at look but Microsoft has invested big in making its very responsive. It was much faster than android phone I have used. I was astonished with its simple user interface and for operating it, one would not be necessary tech-savy. It is targeted for any of the no-voice user who is wishing furnished, easy to use smart phone.

End User Experience
From the end user perspective, it’s very nice MS phone so far. Who ever used earlier version of windows would be surprised with its easy layout and graphics. I am sure end user would love operating system and its user experience. They will find it powerful, business smart phone. It includes all necessary app for business needs and also has some fun application inbuilt. One would not feel it less useful for both business and fun.
Early Microsoft phone was mostly used by business user and even its operating way was also somewhat tricky. But in case of 7.5, all limitations are over come.

Developer Experience
Earlier version development was very similar to that of windows forms development in .net framework. But in case of 7.5, it has been changed from very basic. Now, developer has facility for developing high end user graphics application. Development and design is on XAML. If one had worked with earlier version, they would need upgrade themselves for this new development.

Market Perspective
Now a day’s most of site, online buying and banking is booming and they provide their facility in mobile native platform. One is already aware about android and ios app market. In both of platform you would find lots of free and paid version application. Some of them are targeting business need and some of them are for entertainment. Definitely windows platform has very less application compared to other platforms due to recent changes in development. One would invest for developing windows apps by considering future growth. There will be definitely users who are looking for great application as they have in other platform.
Future of windows mobile 7.5

Microsoft is going to launch new os Windows 8. Around the net it has created buzz and now almost all will be upgrade to new os Windows 8. There are so many discussions around it. Microsoft is going on something different way than earlier now they want to line up their os with all devices. Certainly it will take some time for moving in Windows 8, at least for 2 year it will not be. One could say that they can use windows mobile 7.5 and then they will be continuing using it. Critical part of adopting windows mobile 7.5 is that it will not be upgraded to windows 8. Alternatively at some way Microsoft has indicated, they may come up with windows mobile 7.8 and it will be very near to windows 8.

Right now, windows mobile is taking market share from other OS and only constraint people are feeling to adopt is to have lack of application available compared to other platform. That will be huge advantage for entrepreneur for creating apps on windows mobile platform. Microsoft would also take steps for making its app store rich.

Let’s hope at least tech people would use Windows mobile as they use other smart phone.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Green field / Brown field development

In software development we are usually have two types of work to be done in any application. Both some legacy system is already running and we should require build on new system on it or build new system from very scratch.

When we are going to build new system without considering any of the old system and it does not connect with any other system such type of development referred as Green Field development

In contrast some system does not require depending on any other system, we can go ahead with development from scratch, we don’t rely on any other system such type of development referred as Brown Field Development.

Both type of development have their advantage and disadvantage on development.

Green Field:


We have more control at the time of development,

We don’t rely on sub system.

We are free to stretch system as we need


No reference is available, new system should build carefully meet all requirement of business.

Brown Field:


Have reference of already running system

Can take advantage of existing data for future expansion

Can leverage system incorporate with new System.


Hard to implement programming semantics at some level due to bound with old system.

We do many application but we might not know what type of development we do? Hope this will help us identifying our development.