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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Windows 8 application development requirement

Since launching of Windows RT model, in internet we see buzz of Windows 8 application development. Before developing any application it is very important for creating it’s development environment.

Many times during my professional discussion we came to situation of what’s software requirement for developing any Windows 8 based application?

Below are must things for developing windows 8 application.
·         Windows 8 OS, you can’t create application on any other OS (i.e windows 7).
·         Visual Studio 2012, you can develop your application in Visual studio’s latest version. There are few choice you can have , which version you are using of IDE (i.e express, professional, enterprise, ultimate etc)
·         Developer account, for developing any windows application it asks for your developer account. You need to specify your live id (i.e hotmail, live, msn, outlook) credential and system will do rest of things for you.
·         For developing Windows mobile 8, you will need to install Windows phone 8 SDK explicitly. It does not come along with your Visual studio installation.

Hope, this check list will help you building up your development environment.
Happy Windows 8 app development!!

Best of luck!

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