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Monday, July 2, 2012

Green field / Brown field development

In software development we are usually have two types of work to be done in any application. Both some legacy system is already running and we should require build on new system on it or build new system from very scratch.

When we are going to build new system without considering any of the old system and it does not connect with any other system such type of development referred as Green Field development

In contrast some system does not require depending on any other system, we can go ahead with development from scratch, we don’t rely on any other system such type of development referred as Brown Field Development.

Both type of development have their advantage and disadvantage on development.

Green Field:


We have more control at the time of development,

We don’t rely on sub system.

We are free to stretch system as we need


No reference is available, new system should build carefully meet all requirement of business.

Brown Field:


Have reference of already running system

Can take advantage of existing data for future expansion

Can leverage system incorporate with new System.


Hard to implement programming semantics at some level due to bound with old system.

We do many application but we might not know what type of development we do? Hope this will help us identifying our development.

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